By the time we hit 30 we’re kinda happy with our look. Certainly by the time 40 or 50 come around we know what we like and what makes us feel good.

For many women their hair is a big part how they present themselves but losing it due to surgery or illness can deplete your confidence make you feel vulnerable and it just plain sucks!

My dear friend, Lesley loves a bit length, a full fringe and brilliant blonde. She was thrown a curve ball in the shape of a brain aneurysm last year which meant doctors had to shave one side of her head. After most of her hair grew back but there was an obvious gap which gave her a mullet-esque style.

Enter Erin Cotton – An expert in the art of hair illusion

erin-cotton-leading-hair-extension-expert-sydneyShe has a natural talent with hair extensions. Using the best quality 100% natural hair, Remi extensions – no synthetics – she was able to transform Lesley’s back to the way she likes it with just a few extensions. They’re easy to pop in and very easy to maintain because she uses a keratin coated micro clip which results in lasting adhesion, reduced tangles, more styling options.

The process was really simple. Using only 37 extensions Erin filled the gap in Lesley’s hair and cut them to suit Lesley’s existing length.  The hair was colour matched during consultation to ensure a seamless finished look.

The Result

Lesley’s hair is fuller, thicker and the perfect length.

Extensions are an amazing service to have when you’re growing your hair, need to add some body and shape and or just want to kick start a new look.

hair extensions following illness before photo
hair extensions following illness after photo

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